2019 Strauss Scholarship Campus Application Instructions

Dear Prospective Applicant,

Thank you for your interest in applying to the Strauss Scholarship.

The Strauss Scholarship allows college juniors to pursue a public service project during their senior year by providing $15,000 consisting of a $7,000 scholarship and $8,000 project grant. As many as fifteen scholarships will be awarded in 2019.  For more information, visit http://scholarships.berkeley.edu/strauss. 

Carefully review the Strauss Foundation website (http://www.straussfoundation.org). Prospective applicants should make an advising appointment with Alicia Hayes, on, 2410 Dwinelle Hall, ourscholarships@berkeley.edu.

Applicants MUST BE:
• full-time sophomore or  junior-level student
• in upper third of class (typically a minimum 3.3 GPA)
• Outstanding leadership potential
• Passion for public service and making a difference

Applicants must be nominated by UC Berkeley’s Strauss Scholarship Committee to be considered by the Strauss Foundation.  UC Berkeley may nominate three students.  The February 20th deadline allows the campus committee (3-4 faculty) to carefully review applications and select nominees before the foundation’s March 2019 deadline.

In order to be considered for nomination YOU MUST SUBMIT THE FOLLOWING:

•   A completed 2019 Nomination Summary form.
•   A one-page resume that includes your work history as well as your current and past community service.
•   An autobiographical statement (one page, typed and double-spaced) which discusses your most significant current and past community service activities.
•   A project proposal (three to four pages, typed and double-spaced) that describes your plan for a community or public service project to be carried out between the end of your junior year and the spring of your senior year. This project may be a completely new undertaking or an extension of your current activities. This proposal will be a MAJOR focus of the selection process.  
•    A completed 2019 Acceptance Agreement form.
•    One copy of official transcripts from all colleges and universities you have attended. To ensure that your  transcripts arrive by the deadline date, have them sent to you and then submit them to Alicia Hayes. Submit them in their original sealed envelopes with the rest of your application materials.
•    Letters of recommendation (2-3) from people who are well acquainted with your academic and/or service work. They can be from instructors, employers, community representatives, etc. (It is helpful if they can attest to the potential success of your proposed project.) All letters should be addressed to the "Strauss Scholarship Selection Committee" and be submitted here! . Letters should be submitted as a Word or PDF file on letterhead.

As with all other materials, the letters MUST be received by 12:00p.m. on February 20, 2019. Paper letters SHOULD NOT be submitted.

IF YOU ARE APPLYING FROM ABROAD, contact Alicia Hayes, ourscholarships@berkeley.edu, as soon as possible.